BREED: Polled Herefords

Ages: Yearling

Sires: Victor 719T, Revolution, Remedy, Legacy, and a Trust son 53Y  

Angus and Commercial Blacks:

We offer quite a variety of black bulls to chose from - rugged, large frame bulls to thick, powerful meat wagons!  Bulls that will produce quality feeder cattle as well as replacement females.

Registered Angus Bulls

Commercial Black Bulls

Black-Baldy Bulls 

Polled Hereford Bulls for sale

BREED: Black Baldy 

Ages: Yearlings

Black Baldy Bulls:

For years, I have been wanting to try and develop this category for sale.  It is hard to beat a black baldy cow. Now, it's time to say that about black baldy bulls!

​​​​​​​Sweiger Legacy Farms & Carmichael Cattle

Polled Herefords:

Our Polled Herefords have the muscling and thickness to offer genetic improvements to a Hereford breeder as well as producing those sale topping black baldy calves!  Watch that hybrid vigor in action!.


BREED: Angus

Commercial Blacks

Ages: Yearling and 2 yr olds

Sires: Waylon, Thunder, Chisum, Commitment, Bismark, Brand Name, Double Vision, Broadside 

Registered Polled Herefords

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